China's Fluidized Bed Methanol to Acrylic Industry Technology Ranks in the Forefront of the World

On December 3, the “New-Generation Strategic Coalition for Coal (Energy) Chemical Industry Technology” announced a major breakthrough in the fluidized-bed methanol to propylene (FMTP) industrial technology developed by the coalition and reached world advanced level. The successful development of this technology means the birth of China's first coal-based propylene technology with independent intellectual property rights. It can diversify propylene conversion raw materials and can partially replace petroleum.
As an important chemical raw material, olefins are the core products of petrochemical industry. The production routes of traditional olefins such as ethylene and propylene are mainly produced by naphtha cracking, and their disadvantage is excessive dependence on petroleum. With the increasingly scarce oil resources in the world and rising international oil prices, it is of great practical significance to explore a new path to produce propylene from non-oil resources. At the same time, China's coal-based energy pattern is difficult to change in a considerable period of time. Clean and efficient use of coal resources is the key to solving China's energy problems and reducing carbon dioxide emissions. Coal-to-olefin technology provides a recognized and viable direction of development. The core of this key technology is to use advanced gas generation technology to convert coal resources into methanol through the channels of coal to syngas, and then to produce low-carbon olefins from methanol. The cost is lower than that of current petroleum. The reduction of propylene by more than half will play an important role in the structural adjustment and industrial upgrading of the traditional coal chemical industry, as well as the comprehensive utilization of energy in China.
At the press conference on the "Mechanical Breakthrough of Fluidized Bed Methanol to Propylene (FMTP) Industry Technology" held at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, Li Yongwu, president of the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association, said: "The breakthrough of this project is worldwide, and its The significance lies in the great practical significance and historical significance of the development of China's energy and coal chemical industry.The successful development of this technology not only fills a gap in the technology of coal to olefins, but also breaks the foreign coal chemical industry. The monopolistic situation of major key technologies will have a major impact on China's transition from a coal chemical production country to a coal chemical technology powerhouse."

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