Chemical knowledge of opal

Gold emerald is the jewel of hardness second only to diamonds and red sapphire. Gold emeralds and variants of the stone and opal, these three gems are not only very beautiful, but also because they are extremely rare, so the price is also very high. After the Caroline cut is applied to the gold emerald containing the developed vacuum-like inclusions inside the gold emerald, the opal is the color change effect.

Chrysoberyl containing beryllium aluminum oxide, the chemical formula BeAl 2 O 4. It is an orthorhombic system. The crystal form is often short columnar or plate-like. Opal has a variety of colors, such as honey yellow, brown yellow, wine yellow, brown yellow, yellow green, yellow brown, gray green, etc., among which honey yellow is the most expensive. Transparent to translucent. Glass to grease luster. The refractive index is 1.746-1.755, and the birefringence is 0.008-0.010. The dichroism is obvious, the dispersion is 0.015, and it is heterogeneous. Hardness 8.5, density 3.71-3.75 g / cm3. Shell-shaped fracture.

The opal is named because it is like a cat's eye-turning color. Therefore, it is also called 'op's eye' in English. Only the gold emerald cat's eye can be called cat's eye. The opal has the color of honey, especially its light mark, which will reflect the two sides as '3 light marks', so its price is judged very high. In terms of color, cream and lemon are inferior to honey, while brown and gray are lower. Put the cat's eyes under the light. A clear light can be seen, and when it is rotated, the light bar will be shaken left and right. This is the discoloration of the cat's eye.

There are other types of gems that can show the glare effect of cat eyes, in addition to gold emeralds. Like calcium carbide, apatite, aquamarine, etc., in addition to its organizational relationships fibrous asbestos ore to produce the same effect [Tiger Eye], but gold green cat's eye is second to none. There is a yellow-green cat's eye on the crown of the Iranian king, weighing 147.7 carats.


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The Steel-drawer pull out the whole bar, the sidewall because of the role of the pull mouth,promoting rubber tearing, smoothly separate wire and rubber. 



1.This equipment adopts double vane pump to supply oil, low working noise, at the same time to ensure the speed and pressure of the drawing cylinder when working, and improve the working efficiency and the service life of the valve.

2.The automatic lifting device is adopted to reduce the labor intensity of workers;

3.The inner guide rail positioning, make sensor reliability retractor positioning highly accuracy, drawing cylinder operation smoothly.

4.Using manual automatic exchange of work,flexible choice.

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