Analytical balance maintenance

(1) Balances and weights must have special responsibility for safekeeping and must always be kept clean.

(2) The balance should be placed in a place where it is dry, free from sunlight, and not subject to heat or cold. The room should be free from harmful gases or water vapor. The sky platform must be flat, stable, and strong.

(3) A desiccant such as silica gel should be placed in the balance, and it must be replaced regularly to ensure that the balance is air-dried.

(4) The balance should not be frequently relocated after it is properly placed. When it is necessary to move the balance, the balance pan and cross beam components must be removed first.

(5) Each part of the balance should be inspected regularly and kept clean. If there are any dust on the parts, use a soft brush to gently swipe your finger and pay attention to the iron turning the screw or damaging the blade.

(6) If the balance is found to be malfunctioning, damaged, or suspicious, it should be immediately stopped and parts or assembly parts must not be arbitrarily dismantled.

(7) Before taking out the sample from the desiccator, it is necessary to carefully inspect the bottom of the air for dirt. If stained, it should be removed before weighing.

(8) During the use of the balance, it shall be regularly appraised by the national legal measurement unit according to regulations and shall hold a certificate of conformity.

(9) Balance weights should be kept clean and free of cotton wool, dust and chemicals. The surface of the balance light curtain and the aluminum-plated mirrors must not be wiped with a cloth to avoid wear and polish. If necessary, use a soft-bristle brush to lightly point.

(10) Use weights to apply special tweezers.

(11) After the weight has been used for a certain period of time, it should be lightly rubbed with a tissue paper, and it is strictly prohibited to disassemble, scrape, or scrub with a detergent powder. Swabs must be calibrated before reuse.


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