Sanitation vehicle production does not keep up with the demand for sanitation operations?

In recent years, the number of sanitation vehicles coming through government procurement has been increasing. In the numerous procurement practices of sanitation vehicles, what problems exist? Will sanitation vehicles from the procurement meet the demand for sanitation operations? In the future, what are the suggestions in the sanitation vehicle procurement practice? This year the reporter passed the investigation of the sanitation department in Beijing's districts and counties. , Summarize some of the issues concerning the concentrated procurement of sanitation vehicles.

Sanitation vehicle function and sanitation operation requirements out of touch

At present, there is a certain disconnect between the production and R&D of sanitation vehicles and the demand for sanitation operations. This is a relatively common problem in procurement of sanitation vehicles proposed by the purchaser.

A staff member of a district/county sanitation department in Beijing once told reporters that after several years of cleaning, they would like to reach a level where the streets can sit on the sanitation truck. After investigation, it was found that there was simply no such sanitation vehicle capable of meeting such requirements in terms of vehicles sold on the sanitation market at that time. Therefore, the sanitation operation department in the district has self-organized personnel to modify existing vehicles.

In addition, a purchaser also mentioned to the reporter that some garbage collection vehicles have unscientifically opened the mouth of garbage, and half of the garbage cannot be loaded into it. If this garbage-filled mouth is opened more scientifically, then the above problem does not exist.

These examples show that the production and R&D of sanitation vehicles and the demand for sanitation operations are somehow out of line. In the future, the development and production of sanitation vehicles must be improved on the basis of ongoing research on sanitation operations, and constantly adapt to changing urban sanitation. demand.

It is difficult for companies with independent technology to win the bid

In the investigation of the environmental sanitation department in Beijing's districts and counties, the reporter also learned that although there are a large number of sanitation vehicle manufacturers, there are not many real R&D skills and R&D capabilities. There are few who can win the bid with their own independent technology.

A purchaser said: “The sanitation operation is a very real problem. The sanitation vehicle that can be bought will not be able to adapt well to the demand for sanitation operations. This is a real problem because the sanitation trucks that we buy must be used every day. ”

There is also an example here: Once a certain sanitation department purchased a group of small sanitation vehicles used in the community, the main function of this sanitation vehicle is to collect garbage from various garbage cans in the community, and then transport out of the community to dump the garbage into medium-sized or In large sanitation vehicles. When dumping garbage into a medium-sized sanitation vehicle, it is necessary to have a lift function in the rear compartment of the small sanitation vehicle. The position and height of the lift must be just in contact with a mid-size or large-sized sanitation vehicle. During the preliminary investigation, the district's environmental sanitation department learned that only two companies have such lifting technology. If this article is written in the technical parameters, there may only be two bidders. The procurement project may cause a flow mark, so the conditions were relaxed at the end of the technical parameter setting, but the final bid was not one of the two companies. However, another company won the bid at a very low price. As a result, the small garbage collection vehicle that was purchased was only able to manually shovel the shovel into the car when docked with a medium-sized garbage collection vehicle. This has increased a lot of manpower and material resources.

The reason why the two companies with the technology did not win the bid was because the research and development costs and modification costs were added to the bid price, and the bid price rose. The overall rating is not conducive to companies with high bid prices. This technology innovation is not enough to carry out more points, but for the sanitation operations sector, the innovation of a little bit of technology can reduce a lot of manpower and material resources. This issue is also reflected in the concentration of buyers.

Recommended average score points in the score

As for how to make the sanitation truck more scientific and reasonable, some buyers have also put forward some of their own thoughts through the sanitation vehicle procurement practices.

A buyer said that there are many manufacturers of sanitation vehicles, but most of them are low-end conversion companies. In order to win the bid, these companies often make bid prices very low, and vicious competition often occurs. In order to avoid this happening, the prices quoted by all the bidders of a project can be averaged to obtain an intermediate value, which can basically represent the market average. In each scoring, if the above or below the middle value will be deducted, and the greater the rate is higher or lower, the deduction rate increases accordingly. This will help make the bidding price more reasonable, and curb the vicious competition of the bidding price of sanitation vehicles.

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